Networks for VoIP

The Network portion provides a discussion on setting up a network for using Voice over IP (VoIP) including LANs, VLANs, WANs, traffic patterns and QoS. It starts off with an introduction into the typical home user network, progresses to a small office home office (SOHO) network and then into a business class network. Critical components and issues such as VLANs, the WAN link, network address translation (NAT) and quality of service (QoS) are examined.

This section is divided into the following pages:

Personal Home Network - A typical personal home network configuration is detailed and the effects and issues that affect VoIP are examined. This is the level that most experimenters start at.

SOHO Network - A small office home office network is a step above the typical home network. Here's how to improve the quality and consistency of the VoIP traffic. This is a step above the home network as the user is concerned with voice quality and the management of data traffic

Business Network - The business network services many VoIP users and has greater data traffic. New issues arise and new solutions are required. Here's where they are discussed.

VLANs - Virtual LANs provide a method of segragating traffic based on the type of traffic. It is the first step in improving the quality of service for VoIP.

Routing - the Routing section explores Network Address Translation (NAT), the Wide Area Network (WAN) link, router on a stick, server on a stick, layer 3 switches and more.

QoS - quality of service is a method of providing priority to certain types of traffic such as VoIP in order to provide a consistent reliable connection. This page discusses mechanisms that are used to aid in giving VoIP priority over data.

Cisco QuickVPN - here's a simple way of creating a VPN into your SOHO network using a Cisco SOHO router. In this case, we use the Cisco RV180W SOHO router which is an extremely powerful SOHO router for a reasonable expenditure.

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