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Telecom Systems Major (ITTS)

Information Technology Program - Telecommunications Systems Major (ITTS) Facilities

Instructors at work

Instructors looking busy for the camera

Typical Lecture Classroom

Here's an example of a typical lecture classroom. No large theatres, just small class sizes

Electronics lab

Hands on learning with real equipment in small lab setting.

Electronic equipment

Test equipment to play with

PC hardware lab

Make it and break it lab. You fix the PCs!

Parts for PCs

We got the pieces for you to build the PCs

Network and VoIP Lab

Working towards CCNA certification in this lab

CCNA and CCME/CUE VoIP lab equipment

Networking and Cisco VoIP equipment

Asterisk VoIP Servers Stack #1

VoIP Servers and PSTN Simulation Equipment

MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS) lab

Service provider to service provider switching

MPLS lab equipment

Latest and greatest Cisco gear to work on

Working on Meridan PBX

Hands on learning - real honest to goodness PBXs

Meridian PBX Lab

Did we mention hands-on? We got it!

Another view of Meridian PBXs

8 positions of PBXs - pair up and go at her!

DMS-100 CSR Lab

Customer Service Rep lab!

DMS-100 Central Office Switch

Only educational institute in North America with one! Wahoo!

Supernode upgrade

DMS-100 has been upgraded - sounds impressive! It is!

More DMS-100

This is the core of our voice portion of the program

ADSL Equipment Anyone?

DSLAMs and a microwv wireless link

Channel Banks

Can never get enough of channel banks

ATM and Frame relay equipment

Backbone switching gear!

SONET Fibre Optic Ring

Fibre optics for backbone networks!

Fibre Optic cross connect

Connect your network up using high speed fibre optics!

Even an old step by step switch!

We've been in the business for a long time!

Structured Cabling

You will learn everything about fiber and copper wiring!

Outside Plant Cabling

Hands-on real life experience in our wiring lab!

Tower Simulation for learning

All the bases are covered includng towers!

Data Communications lab

Learn about the foundations of data communications.

Cellular Phone Site

We've got two cell sites to play with!

Cell phone to Internet!

Got to make sure we can surf the Internet from our cell phones!

Cell Site Backend

Here's the guts that makes the cell site work.

Let's go Wireless!

Learning about wireless technology

Making RF measurements

Impressed? That's you in second year!

Microwave Transmitter and Receivers

Don't heat your lunch up with this setup!

Antennas on the roof!

We've got real equipment with real antennas

Program   Facilities   Length, Employment and Fees   Course Descriptions

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