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My name is Eugene Blanchard and I stumbled into the telephony world inadvertently. My background had been in computers, software design, microprocessor design, networking and data communications. Sort of skirting around the telephony world while not quite involved in it.

I teach at a post-secondary polytechnic and and many years ago, one of the telecom instructors retired. I took over a few of his courses and the rest is history. I was bitten and fell in love with telecommunications.

While reviewing the current state of the telecommunications program, I realized that the industry was shifting towards Voice over IP and that we needed to augment our extensive legacy equipment with the newer technology. After reviewing many open source PBX software, I decided that Asterisk provided the most stable platform and support.

The distribution that captured my attention was the newly created PBX in a Flash distribution. I liked the developer's vision of what a distribution should have and should do. It was the only distribution that didn't require hours of configuring and a vast knowledge of Linux to get up and run - it lived up to its name of installing "in a Flash". More importantly to a new user like myself, it had a friendly user's forum where the developers participate daily. From those early years, I've since become one of the gurus on the forums and regularly respond to the forum postings.

You can contact me at the following email address:

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